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While adding programmers to a late project can make it later, there are real benefits in adding expertise early in the process as well as late in the development cycle. During requirements analysis and architecture, having another expert on board will help put the project on the right track and lead to savings throughout development. There are also times where you need to add manpower for a specific duration without having to add a regular employee. Regardless of your development need, let us help you build your software!

Process Process Analysis

We can provide you with a comprehensive review of your entire software development process and analyze areas of inefficiency to provide reccomendations. We can also help you pilot and deliver improvements within your organization to to realize higher productivity. Depending on the size of your teams, even a 1% improvement in efficiency can be an enormous savings in dollars and time. When was the last time you had a process review?

Training Development Training

There are alaways strengths and weaknesses in any group or individual. Not only does training improve the quality of the workforce, employees also feel more valued when the company they work for invests in them. But training can be costly to deliver and in lost productivity time. By identifying the areas of maximum benefit, targeted training will turn weaknesses strengths. Let us analyze and provide training in areas which will provide the most benefit.